“It’s that simple,Wang Shuai likes the changes when you are with him,Don’t like you changing in front of others。”Chen Wenjin clearly emphasized,May understand more now,Suddenly nodded and said:“Then I just need to tell him I want to understand,That’s it?Asking you to intercede will not be so good?”

“Just one click。you’re so smart。”Chen Wenjin praised,By contrast,A Bao may be really incurable。
“that、Should I tell Wang Shuai to see you??”May struggled with this。
“Maybe you think about it?”Chen Wenjin doesn’t answer directly,May think for a while,understood,The previous words are the answer to this question,So I stand up happily,said laughingly:“thank you,I understand,Will tell the truth。I’ll go now,Want to go to him directly!”
Of course Chen Wenjin won’t stay,Accompanied Amei to the roadside,After stopping the taxi to see her away,Call Wang Shuai on the phone。
“what happened?Did you change your mind and don’t want to go home??If yes, come here soon。”Wang Shuai took the phone and strode to the nobody’s room。
“Tell you,Stop playing boring tricks。Deliberately making a fuss, Ami,I must have deliberately given her a hint that interceding with me can solve the problem,Thinking of repeating her torment, come to me for comfort, right??According to your hobby,I must have found someone to watch?Is it a pierced ear??Still that good brother with pierced ears?Ask someone to report to you that May find me??”Chen Wenjin changed his phone,Talking while walking back:“If you are anxious to play games with Qiangwei earlier, you can just play with Ameifen,Don’t toss these useless,Justice league,There is no place I am sorry, May,According to what you said last time,Isn’t this kind of approach??”
“Does she deserve to be treated,Do you have to try to be sure?”Wang Shuai sitting in a dark room,Smiled and said to the phone:“I am also very curious,I want to test if you are as determined as you show。I tell you every day that Amido can play,She often talks to you about the pain of injury,The temptation of existing fantasy,Emotionally moved,Can you hold it for a long time??”
“You may not be able to hold it for a long time,I will fall in love at first sight,Will be in love,Because I know my weakness,So I usually kill this kind of sprouts in the bud。Such as now,Tell you clearly that you can’t play anymore。May come find me again,I will talk to her again,And speak more clearly,Over,She’s coming,I won’t meet。”
“Then I can only manage to get her to ask for tanks,They have known each other for a long time,Tank full of blood,Xiaoji will not let him touch so quickly,Should have fun!”Wang Shuai seems to be thinking,But it is clearly a side threat,Try to inspire Chen Wenjin’s sense of justice and compassion for Ami’s efforts to save。
“Who cares you find?By the way,I don’t necessarily eat soft,But he refuses to eat hard。Finished,Go home to take a bath and sleep,Bye。”
“and many more——”Wang Shuai heard the voice on the phone,Already hung up。
Wang Shuai shook his head and smiled in the dark,Lying down on the bed,Thinking,Talking to himself:“It’s so hard to play with you!……Forget it,try again,If Amei is not abused, just use the simple procedure!Really boring……”
Wang Shuai really wants to go to the tank,But they are not willing to use this kind of gameplay to destroy the expectations for the future development of tanks and Xiaoji,As for others,Temporarily create a hint to Ami that he trusts so and so,The effect is not ideal,And don’t have enough time。
There are many stories that can’t stand the temptation,There are fewer idiots like tanks who have achieved good results,It’s a pity not to take a good look at their natural future?Good design,It’s not easy for an infatuated person like a tank to be guided artificially.!
The special live script of the tank,Miss one one less,Destroyed by artificial design,For Wang Shuai,It’s a violent thing。
Not long after Wang Shuai left the room,May is coming。
When meeting,Wang Shuai is still cold。