Yes,The piercing card is not good,People who have known him for a long time here know。

The key is,Abao’s words don’t sound out of thin air,Earlier, Abao said that I know many people,Means to inquire about ear piercing。
“Won’t be so perverted?Play a card,Ear piercing means foul language,Not pointing to the nose and swearing,As for fucking him like that?”There is a boy who thinks this kind of thing is unimaginable,too frightening。
“no way,I did not expect。But the people on the pierced boat told me that。”A leopard pretending to be helpless,Seeing Xiaocui’s face like ashes,He seems to see a face with pierced ears,Can’t help but dispel hatred。
“……Leopard,You really know the people on the pierced boat?they、They really did something like that?Have to drive him away?”Xiaocui has actually believed more than half,Just not willing to accept,I hope it’s just Abao talking nonsense。
“Is there a rice cake on the pierced boat??There is also a snake skin,There is also a wretched guy,I should have mentioned the piercings to you?If i talk nonsense,To know who is on board?He is the wretched guy,Look thin,But the man who raises the wretched sister and his sister is bullish on the road,The people on the boat are very shameless,I think the pierced ears can provoke,I misunderstood!”Abao said so clearly,Completely shattered Xiaocui’s final fantasy。
Tears,Came out immediately……
A group of girls are comforting,The men who had been outraged by righteous indignation also sat down silently。
The rest just followed and stood up just now,At this time, I turned to curiously and asked Abao what he had learned.。
Someone else said:“Leopard Millions, you really do,So wide?”
“Come out to play,I don’t know more friends?”A Bao has the tone of a senior,Very proudly detailed the specific process。
After a meeting,Xiao Xiao came to the balcony。
She took a deep breath,Looking at the night sky outside,To Chen Wenjin and Wang Shuai:“Xiaocui is sad,Look at her like that,feel……Very complicated mood。”
“She chooses wrong,Although worthy of sympathy,But no way。Think about the girl who was tricked into the sea by ear piercing?Their parents and family members indirectly suffer more injuries and pain than Xiaocui,Xiaocui can still leave the ear hole,Then you can end this pain。But the family of the girl who went to the sea was hurt by ear piercing,Can the blood relationship end the pain??Do not,should say,Even if it can be cut off,It is a great pain in itself to cut the blood relationship,It’s not comparable to breaking up。”Wang Shuai took a glass of wine and handed it to Xiao Xiao,Persuade:“Punishment must be hardened。The wicked like to cheat the good ones,Less villains,Better world!”
“I know。I don’t think it’s wrong!”Xiao Xiao carries wine,Looking at Chen Wenjin:“What do you think?”
“Of course Xiaocui was implicated by pierced ears,J。It’s normal for us to feel guilt that indirectly hurt her,You don’t have to find a reason for this as a rational support,Time will let us know whether we can digest this emotion,if it is possible,Can continue;if not,Can no longer participate in such things。”Chen Wenjin looks at Xiao Xiao,It’s obviously guilty,Maybe it’s the first time she really hurt an innocent,Would be so difficult to digest,Too normal。
Wang Shuai watched Xiao Xiao silent,Not sure if Xiao Xiao can survive,So I added another sentence:“Xiao Xiao,I think this level of experience is to polish a strong will。If you can’t bear this bit of punishment,Can’t digest,Then it’s impossible to be strong。Selective softheartedness is good quality,You can’t choose, you can only feel soft, that’s the weakness。”