Qin Feng immediately stood up and walked out of the room,Then I found out that I didn’t admit the wrong person。

“Hey,Are you trying to escape from prison??”Zhou Mian followed。Then I discovered that Qin Feng was actually looking at a girl,Zhou Mian also had some doubts at this time。
“Miss Carina Du,Why did you come to the police station?”
“Uncle Qin Feng!You’ll be fine!”When Carina Du turned her head and saw Qin Feng, she threw herself into his arms without saying a word。Qin Feng almost lifted her up and circled。
“what happened?”
“they,They said I killed someone。”Carina Du let go of Qin Feng,Then look wronged。
Qin Feng frowned upon hearing this,Then he looked at the agent who brought her here,“What is going on!”
“We received a report,Said there was a blood-stained knife in her hotel。Although the test results haven’t come out yet,But we doubt,The blood stains above are the blood of the murder deceased Rando,In other words,This one is very likely to be the murder weapon。
Since I found it in her hotel,Then we need to ask her over。”
The agent answered truthfully,Zhou Mian is not the only person in charge of the Lando case,After all, they need a team to act separately。
Hear this,Qin Feng frowned thicker,Even Carina Du was involved?What is it?Is the person doing this crazy?Not even let go of a girl with depression?
“The police officer,My friend is not healthy,With a medical certificate。Can’t be frightened,I hope I can stay with her and listen to your questions。”
“Are you a lawyer or a doctor?You really don’t have the right to be with her,After all she is already an adult!”
Qin Feng is very depressed,can only say:“I know your chief,Do you need me to find him to greet you?”
“This one.”The agent looked at Zhou Mian hesitantly,Because the person in charge of this case is Zhou Mian,Even if the latter is about to be transferred out of the branch。
But he is still the captain,He still has to handle cases。
“Row,Leave it to me。Qin Feng can also listen,Otherwise you said you want to complain to me。”Zhou Mian quite hates Qin Feng using the fat director to press people,In order to prevent the chief from being present,So he can only agree to part of Qin Feng’s request。
“Ms. Carina Du,Why don’t you come back if you have a home,To live in a hotel?”
“what.Because i don’t want to go back,Then the hotel,Uncle Qin Feng helped me with a permanent residence procedure。Said that the environment there is good,Can effectively help me heal my condition。”Of course Carina Du knows that she has depression,And the three-star hotel was indeed given by Qin Feng。
And one payment is three months’ room rate,Enough for Du Jialing to cultivate well。