Six turns a day can increase life

Six turns a day can increase life

Some health care tips are very simple to do, but if you stick to them for a long time, you will have the effect of prolonging your life and strengthening your body.

Especially for the elderly, you may wish to try this set of “daily six-turn”, anytime, anywhere, easy to do.

  Turning the waist: Proper lumbosacral activity can promote the recovery of peristalsis and digestive juice, and treat constipation.

Stand on the ground, separate your legs, hands on your hips, bend forward, turn 10 turns clockwise, then turn 10 turns counterclockwise.

In addition to the treatment of constipation, this method can also enhance the function of the waist muscles and joints, and also has a certain effect on chronic lumbar muscle strain, lumbar vertebrae hyperplasia, lumbar disc herniation, rheumatic low back pain, sciatica.

It is best to do it in the morning, and it is best to have an empty stomach. After drinking, drink a cup of warm water.

  Turn your head: first raise your head and try to lean back, then slowly bow your head, try to close your chest and let the neck muscles tighten and relax.

Then, slowly do the temporary movement of the head and tilt it to the left and right sides 10?
15 times.

Then lean back on the back of the chair and hold your hands behind the neck for a moment.

This method can improve the muscles and joints of high blood pressure. In addition to enhancing its function, it also has the effects of correcting neurological headache, insomnia, cervical vertebrae hyperplasia, neck and shoulder syndrome, and also has good effects on the thyroid gland and parathyroid glands.
  Turn your knees: Stand with your feet together on the ground, squat slightly, and align your hands. Turn clockwise 30 times, then counterclockwise 30 times, and do it twice.

In addition to this method, it can strengthen the muscle strength of the legs, prevent leg aging, and effectively reduce venous pressure and promote blood circulation, leading to varicose veins of the lower extremities, increasing the range of motion of the waist, knees and joints, and increasing the volume of the joints.

However, elderly people with arthritis do not recommend this action.

  Turning to the local: There are many acupuncture points around the bones, and the foot is still the pivotal part of the blood and blood. Frequent rotation can stimulate the acupuncture points and meridians, promote blood circulation, and indirectly stimulate the foot to replace the meridian points next to the stomach, intestines, heart and kidney diseases.Initial intervention.

You can sit on the bed, hold the foot with one hand, hold the foot with one hand, and slowly turn it; you can also sit on the chair, tip the ground and turn the ankle as the axis; generally turn 100 times each time., morning and evening.

It works better after bathing.

  Turn shoulder: that is, exercise the upper limbs and turn the shoulder joints.

When exercising, will the upper limbs move forward, backward, inside and outside, 10?
20 times to drive the movement of the shoulder joint.

Stick to 3 every day?
4 times, the swing range is from small to large, and the amount of exercise can be adjusted according to physical conditions.

Rotating shoulders can help with heart and shoulder scapulohumeral disease and improve heart and lung function.

  Turning the wrist: The same as the contraction joint, the wrist is also a joint with a very high frequency of use by the human body, and is a pivot for blood and blood running. The rotational stimulation can change the stretch and promote blood running.

First lift the right arm straight, the wrist is relaxed, the five fingers are in a natural state, and the wrist is driven to the right outside.

Be careful not to use force, gently shake, turn, loop 30?
50 times; then change the left hand and ring the same number of times.

Or hold the lower part of the right wrist with your left hand and use your left hand to quickly shake your right wrist 30?
50 times.