This is really the status quo in the United States:Hierarchical consolidation,The path of the lower class to the upper class is almost completely blocked,A poor man’s child,You either have a genetic mutation,My talent is extremely outstanding,Those famous universities noticed your talent,Provide you with a full scholarship,Otherwise you can only be an ordinary person for the rest of your life。

And those rich families、Child of a political family,These are the things I’ve been in contact with,The family has rich connections、Have a good training system,Since he was young, he has planned his life development route,When it reaches a certain level, it will provide him with family connections,For example, the first black president of the United States……
If there is no such relationship,It can be said that labor unions are the only way out for children from ordinary families,It’s okay if your IQ is not very good,It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a brilliant resume and education,As long as you are decisive、Dare to fight、Able to win over a group of people,The key is to be knowledgeable,Like Marion·Talbot like this。
“Now I believe we have a basis for cooperation,”Looking at Marion·Talbot,Chen Gengdao:“In this case,Can you provide me with a map of the power of the Detroit gang?”
Marion·Talbot answered without hesitation:“no problem!”
Marion·Talbot is gone,Leilani·Tyler hesitated,Still can’t hold back,Ask Chen Geng:“boss,You really intend to give Marion·Talbot a chance?”
“Ok,”Chen Geng responded,He knows Leilani·What does Taylor mean by this question,Explain to her:“Such a person,First of all, you can’t push him;Secondly,I have a good impression of this guy,This is a smart man,And I like to work with smart people;third,Through cooperation with Marion,Can tell those who are watching us,We do not exclude cooperation with everyone。”
As the chairman of the nation’s largest union organization,Don’t think that Marion at this moment·In addition to Talbot’sbossThere is no other way besides surrender,It’s really that time,Speaking of Marion·It’s an exaggeration that Talbot will have a fish-dead game with Chen Geng,He doesn’t have the qualifications to die with Chen Gengyu,But since the two sides have no enemies,Why did you get to that point??
In fact,Marion·Talbot is not so much surrendering to Chen Geng this time,Rather than say it is a kind of cooperation in a weak position,Just in this collaboration,Marion·Talbot paid a greater price。
Leilani·Taylor nodded,Low channel:“I understand,I thought the question was too simple。”
“You understand,Although Detroit is just a platform for us,But we still have to have a good performance on this platform after all,To go higher,Do you understand what i mean?”
“understood,”Leilani·Tyler nodded repeatedly:“This is our first appearance in American politics,The success of this debut is crucial for us next,and so,Can draw people to us,As much as possible to win over us,For us。”