But many hotels feel deeply disturbed all at once,This time, those guys are doing tricks directly on their side,This will be blocked,But next time those people go directly to the village to make hands and feet?

Qin Feng was also invited to town by them。
“Qin Feng,This time,We saw it too,But we just want to ask,If your dishes are directly harmed by people,Is there any way??”
“We don’t want to cause bad business on our side because of this,Because many people still hope to eat authentic food from your side。”
“If you have a way,We just continue,If not,We are also a little embarrassed。”
Many people said with some headaches,If they can,That’s really unwilling to make any conflicts with Qin Feng。
The reality is
Everyone knows,What type of situation is this。
Qin Feng also knows their thoughts,So he looked at them and said:“Ugh,I can’t help it,If everyone feels inappropriate,You can go there directly,I can only do this。”
Qin Feng sounds irresponsible,But everyone can feel Qin Feng’s helplessness。
Many people here really don’t want Qin Feng to fall,Because once this guy falls。
All kinds of situations will be messy,They also don’t want to see such a scene。
Qin Feng couldn’t give them a definite answer.,They can only think about new paths。
I’m just going to Zhuang Kai to buy some vegetables,This thing to them,That is a very difficult thing。