Longan with cup of chrysanthemum tea for constipation


Longan with cup of chrysanthemum tea for constipation

Longan is sweet, warm, and has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, appetizing and nourishing the spleen, soothing and nourishing, and is the best product for winter tonic.

However, longan is hot and should not be eaten. If eaten in large quantities, it can easily lead to fire.

In fact, when eating longan may wish to have a cup of chrysanthemum tea, you don’t need to worry about getting angry.

  Longan is suitable for the elderly and frail, postpartum physically weak, lack of qi and blood, chronic diseases, physically weak and cold, and various anemia patients for nourishing and tonic.

For those with weak qi and blood, it has been used to treat anemia; for palpitation and insomnia, it also has a calming and calming effect, which can help sleep.

The shortcomings are that young people and strong people are prone to dry mouth, dry mouth, mouth ulcers, herpes around the lips, and even nosebleeds after eating longan, which are due to the warmth of longan, sweetness, and easy to develop internal heat.Ignited.

The reason why chrysanthemum tea is recommended is because the chrysanthemum is cool in nature, sweet and bitter, and has the effect of nourishing yin and clearing heat, so that it can not only replenish qi and blood, but also improve or avoid the occurrence of the aforementioned symptoms of fire.

  In addition, for the suitable crowd with habitual constipation, longan can be cooked with angelica, walnut kernel, sesame and so on, which can not only qi and kidney, but also moisturize and strengthen the brain.

People with a lot of feces can also add wolfberry and white chrysanthemum to cook together, nourish the kidney and regenerate the essence, and nourish the liver and eyesight.