“Agree with!I don’t need to say anything,I’ve been told by you。”Chen Wenjin smiled and raised a coke,Said again:“Come,Let’s play coke!”

Lin couldn’t help but toast with a smile,I also sketched the cola on the banquet to respect each other,A dozen or twenty cups of Coke in a circle,Hiccups that are being carbonated keep coming,Enduring funny scenes。
Chapter Ninety Seven Have you brought enough money?
Two people talking like this,Lin’s appetite is limited,I just tasted different ingredients,Didn’t continue eating。
But she talked to Chen Wenjin like this,But he seemed very interested。
Time passes so fast without knowing it,Until Chen Wenjin’s phone rang,I saw Wang Shuai’s number。
“Hey!Let’s come out and play together,Why are you so embarrassed to take Lin Meili to drive ahead??”Wang Shuai really thinks Chen Wenjin can be willful,If he does this kind of thing,I can’t lift my head if I have to be reprimanded by his father。
“Why are you sorry?You guys go on playing,Leopard will contact me soon。”Chen Wenjin was about to hang up,Wang Shuai shouted anxiously:“and many more——let me guess!Are you eating barbecue?Where we two met?”
“Just play there,Everyone needs you,And here,do not need you,Hung up。”Chen Wenjin hung up,Lin guessed:“Wang Shuai?”
“You didn’t guess Abao?”Chen Wenjin was surprised。
“Leopard should be used to your character,Can’t call,I won’t say so much when I call?”Lin’s speculation is well-founded,Added:“I feel Wang Shuai cares about your friend,Should be more concerned about your sudden departure。”
“Justified。”Chen Wenjin is eating,Continue to chat with Lin。
Not long after,Suddenly two cars and three taxis came together,Stopped on the side of the road one after another。
Usually this place is strictly controlled,It’s much more relaxed at night。