“Yes,We originally planned to try our best to consume Allison Power’s funds,Then find a way to take over Allison Power’s aero engine business segment,But isn’t something happening now?,”Simon·Robertson says:“Top priority now,Can’t let Fernandez·Chen Dexie,As for the future,Discuss slowly later……Besides for us,This money is not for nothing,Can we also take advantage of this opportunity to make a share request?,And can also explain,If Allison Power wants to sell its engine business in the future,This part of our investment is automatically converted。”

Patrick·Hawke suddenly realized,Looking at Simon·Robertson is still a little embarrassed:Mr. Robertson is Mr. Robertson,No wonder he can become the chairman of the group’s board of directors……As for Fernandez·Chen,I don’t know when he knew that he didn’t have the opportunity to blend Allison’s motivation.,What look on the face?
Really been waiting。
In order to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the period,Patrick·Hogan personally with David·Graziosi communicated with Rawls·Things that Royce can invest in Allison Power。
But after listening briefly to Patrick·Hogan Representative Rawls·After Royce Group’s conditions and investment amount,David·Graziosi suddenly struggled:
on the one hand,Compared to Chen Geng, who has never dealt with before,,David·Graziosi is more inclined to accept Rawls·Rotis Investment,Everyone is old acquaintance、Old friend;
But on the other hand,If you agree to Rawls·Royce’s investment,How should Chen Geng refuse??At the beginning you pitifully hoped that I would invest in you,I think you are pathetic,agreed,Now you suddenly told me that you don’t need to invest anymore……
How to drop?
kidding me?
Being the richest man is so bully。
David·Graziosi knew,I can’t handle this one well,Chen Geng may not take Allison Power,But if he wants to clean up his little senior worker,Is that the problem?
But as the CEO of Allison Power,David·Graziossi’s eyes rolled,Soon thought of a way……
“Patrick,my friend,Of course I am more inclined to accept Rawls·Royce’s investment,I believe that the directors of the board of directors also have this attitude,”On the phone,David·Graziosi v Patrick·Hogan says:“But you know,My suggestion to invite Mr. Fernandez to invest in Allison,And before that,You Rolls·Royce is not willing to help,and so,We can accept your investment,But you must convince Mr. Fernandez……Get it straight,Can’t let me be affected in any way。”
Do you have to tie the bell to untie the bell?!
Since you were not willing to invest when we asked you to invest,Now we have found an investment partner and you suddenly expressed your willingness to invest……How to tell Fernandez·Chen confessed,You can give me an idea。