[Do you eat wormwood to lose weight]_ wormwood _ weight loss _ how to lose weight

[Do you eat wormwood to lose weight]_ wormwood _ weight loss _ how to lose weight

Artemisia annua is a relatively common wild vegetable. Occasionally, we can see it at our table, and it has high nutritional value. It can be used as a medicinal plant or edible vegetable. Its health effect is very prominent.It has become an important vegetable for clearing the fire and liver, and many people in modern times think that Artemisia annua has the effect of losing weight. So, do you often eat Artemisia annua to lose weight?

Regularly eating Artemisia annua has a certain weight-loss effect, and also has the following effects: 1, Huatanzhike is suitable for sputum, thick sputum, cough and other symptoms.

It has good moisturizing and physical treatment effects on the throat, which is conducive to local healing and healing, and can relieve local itching, thereby avoiding cough reflexes.

It can reduce the fatness of the respiratory tract and the viscosity of secretions, making it easy to cough, which is beneficial to cough and expectorant.

2. Swelling can remove toxins and excess water from the body, promote blood and water metabolism, diuretic, and deedema.

Contains diuretic residue, can eliminate sodium retention in the body, diuretic swelling.

Can treat systemic edema, unfavorable urination and so on.

3, Runfei Artemisia angustifolia nourishes yin and nourishes the lungs, removes lung dryness and lung heat.

Make people breathe comfortably.

4. Fat-removing food Artemisia annua has a certain fat-removing effect.

5, Liver Huo Wang, eat more Artemisia annua, the most prone to “Lan Huo Wang” problem after the holiday.

At this time, people are prone to drowsiness, irritability, and eating and eating, and the liver is open to the eye, and the secretions of such people’s eyes are also more.

At this time, you should add more leafy vegetables, more than 4 kinds a day, it is recommended to eat more Artemisia annua.

6. Prevention of constipation The rich additive fiber in Artemisia annua helps to promote peristalsis, helps the body to eliminate harmful toxins in time, and achieves the purpose of preventing constipation.