Mrs. Bones smiled and got up,Walking around in the cave,Said excitedly,The news of this monk has spread among all the demons,Just eat a piece of meat from the monk,Can grow the cultivation base for hundreds of years,And you can live forever,This is what makes the monsters crazy。

How can I ask who does not long for immortality?Now there is such a big opportunity before us,Who won’t be ecstatic?Mrs. Bones is no exception,She was born from bones,Bone Mountain is her territory,As long as the monk dares to pass by the White Bone Mountain,She dare to try whether this rumor is true or not。
The hundreds of little monsters who were staying inside and outside the cave heard the instructions of their king,Speak loudly,Then quickly went to the boundary of Baigu Mountain to inspect。
“It is said that this monk is accompanied by three apprentices,The big apprentice is called Monkey King,Is the former king of the demon king,The second apprentice is a pig demon,The three apprentices are a sand monster。”
“If you are alone,I am definitely not the opponent of these three apprentices,but,What i want,Just the monk,As long as the three apprentices are drawn away,That monk is a piece of meat in my mouth,When do i want to eat,Eat anytime。”
Inside the cave,All the little demons left,Only Mrs. Bones is walking around in place,Thinking about how to eat that monk’s meat。
Several demon kings who are not below her have already died in the hands of the three disciples of the Great Tang monk,therefore,Even though Mrs. Bones is a little jealous,Without fear,Death for money,Birds die for food,It’s rare to encounter this huge opportunity,Mrs. Bones won’t miss it。
“That pig demon is said to be lustful,And that sand monster,Unbearable,The only thing to worry about,That’s the Monkey King,Once the King of the Demon King,Buddhist running dogs now。”
“As for the monk,Seems to be just an ordinary person,but,Eat a piece of meat,You can live forever,How could it be an ordinary person,therefore,I must be careful,Don’t be careless。”
Mrs. Bones walks around in the cave,Constantly thinking about how to draw away the three apprentices of Monk Datang,Then let her catch the Datang monk。
at this time,A dark space passage suddenly appeared behind Mrs. Bones,And Mrs. Bones didn’t notice anything,Still thinking about how to catch that Datang monk。
Monkey King calmly walked out of the space channel,Look around,It is clear,Him at the moment,In a cave,There is a bone spirit walking around there,Didn’t notice the danger coming。
“If it doesn’t work, let the little monsters go away,Attract the energy of those three monster scum,Then i hide aside,Waiting for an opportunity?”
“No way,That Monkey King had already beaten the monsters invincible hundreds of years ago,Now five hundred years have passed,Even if the strength is not improved,It’s not something those little monsters can provoke。”
“Except,Let them go against each other,As long as that Monkey King is gone,That Datang monk is mine。”