As for after,They can definitely prevent。After all, if their striker returns to the room,They really don’t believe that there are1People pass11Human masters。

“Pass the ball in!”
When many people are facing a few people’s defense,You can advance to the restricted area,Now you have more choices。
Whether it’s a pass or a shot,It doesn’t matter。
After all, every player has his own judgment on the court。But Doudou City’s team has a lot of attackers。
So one of the players who was originally angry received the pass at this time,Of course you have to shoot without saying anything。
Then Qin Feng stepped forward to force,The latter one,The space for shooting naturally becomes smaller。But he still forced his feet。
of course,This can’t be blamed for the wrong choice。You need to know that players with stronger shooting skills may still be able to score goals。
Unfortunately,Liu Xing’s reaction speed is indeed not slow。Qin Feng didn’t block the opponent’s shot,But Liu Xing threw the football,At the same time just hold my arms in my arms。
“Ugh,You should pass the ball to me just now,Your shooting space is so small。”
“To shut up!”
Just because of such an attack,The Doudou City team actually has a taste of infighting。
“All right,Isn’t it just an offense??If it doesn’t work, just do it again,What’s controversial?”Digg as a star and captain,Naturally control the scene,Avoid teammates making trouble。
“what,Stop making trouble,Hurry up to defend!”Defensive players can’t help but scold。
Because in the process of these people making noise,Qin Feng has already ran to the midfield,And Liu Xing threw the ball through halftime with one hand。
Just a little bit Qin Feng was about to become a single-handed man。
Now there are only two rear guards who want to force Qin Feng,One even planned to bring Qin Feng down with a foul。It’s okay even if you take a card,After all, as long as we prevent Qin Feng from entering the restricted area,,Then everything is fine。