[Cambodian specialty snacks]_ making methods _ species

[Cambodian specialty snacks]_ making methods _ species

I will go to Thailand and Vietnam to play with headphones, but do n’t forget that there is another area called Cambodia. Cambodia is a very famous place. A lot of foods appear in Cambodia. There are also many types of Cambodian characteristics, such as fried crab, fairy grassFrozen, pork rice, etc. These are all unique to Cambodian cuisine. If you like to eat food and especially like to taste a variety of local characteristics, you can come to Cambodia, you can try it, I believe the taste will not let everyone down.

Amok Fish is the most famous traditional Khmer cuisine. Cambodia’s national cuisine is found in many Cambodian restaurants.

It is a fresh fish mousse. The main ingredients are boneless fish from Tonle Sap, plus coconut milk and kroeung sauce (a Khmer curry sauce).

The practice of high-end restaurants is to cook it on banana leaves. The roadside snack stall is not placed in mousse, but cooked into thick soup curry fish.

Fried crab Fried crab is a specialty dish of Baima City. Fresh crab crabs and green peppers are fried together.

Among them, Kampot green peppers are well-known in the global food industry, and they are found everywhere, but Cambodia’s fresh Kampot green peppers have its own unique flavor.

Cambodian desserts are cheap and delicious.

Yes, it is made from gelatin extracted from seaweed. It is a jelly-like dessert with many colors, pink green and so on. Children especially like it.

It is usually sold in a small bowl with a bowl of shaved ice, sago, coconut milk and mung beans.

Pork Rice Pork rice is simple, but it is delicious.

The practice is to slice the pork into thin slices and slowly roast them on a charcoal fire, which has a sweet taste.

In addition to roasted pork, pickled cucumbers, pickled radishes, etc., pork rice is usually added with a bowl of chicken soup with fried onions and green onions.

Sour soup fish Sour soup fish is a home-cooked dish of Cambodians. The soup contains pineapple, lemon grass, bean sprouts, tamarind juice and so on. The seasoning is sugar and fish sauce. The taste is unique and worth trying.

In addition, the hot and sour prawn soup is quite delicious.

Huohu grilled fish Huohu grilled fish has the flavor of coconut milk by frying the whole fish and placing it on an iron plate with coconut curry.

Coconut curry is not only kroeung sauce, but also cabbage, cauliflower, pepper and so on. It is usually eaten with rice or rice noodles.

This dish of lime Khmer beef salad is actually more like a steak. The thin beef is easier to absorb lime juice. The dish also contains lemon vanilla, fish sauce, mint, nine-story tower, green pepper and so on. It is sweet, salty and spicy.It’s delicious. Cambodian men like it very much.

Cambodian hot pot is made of ceramic pot. The soup base has spices and herbs. The longer it is cooked, the sweeter and sweeter it is, unlike our small hot pot.

Generally, there is a small pot of soup, and there are three plates of beef, fresh vegetables (bananas, bananas, etc.) and a plate of small round cakes, plus a plate of dipping sauce.

When you eat, first put the beef in the hot pot, and then dipped a circle of water on 2 small round cakes. When the meat is cooked, put the meat on the cake, and then put the vegetables. At this time, the cake has gradually softened and can be rolled.Get up and eat with dipping sauce.