[Baby Miscellaneous Porridge Looks]_Baby_How to match

[Baby Miscellaneous Porridge Looks]_Baby_How to match

Multi-purpose cereal porridge for babies is a kind of complementary food for babies, which can promote the baby’s absorption of food and improve the stomach. Especially for babies who can add complementary food, it is good to eat multi-grain porridge.

In normal times, proper eating of some cereals can strengthen the spleen and appetite. For babies, it is best to choose black sesame, walnuts and Huaishan. Try not to mix too many ingredients, and not too difficult to digest, so as not to give your baby’s stomachTo influence.

According to the difference in efficacy, the following introduces several methods of matching cereals: 1. Beauty and beauty: Coix kernel, ginkgo, almond, black sesame, walnut, poria, jujube, and pueraria root are freely matched.

Tips: Ginkgo and almond have a special flavor. Pay attention to whether your taste is acceptable when formulating.

2. For children: Huaishan, Coix Seed, Coarse Rice, Black Sesame, Walnuts.

Warm reminder: babies from 4 months to 1 year old should not be too complicated when formulating, 2-3 kinds can be.

3, slimming weight loss: Huaishan, pueraria, red beans, oats, coarse rice, buckwheat, black sesame.

Tips: Huaishan has low water content, rich nutrition, and good taste. It is the best choice for weight loss.

4, spleen appetizers: Huaishan, Poria, Jujube, Coix seed at random.

Tips: Children with weak spleen and stomach can cause loss of appetite and indigestion. Such children should eat more spleen food.

5, three high-ranking people: ginkgo, buckwheat, oats, black sesame, soy beans, coarse rice, poria, walnuts.

Tips: Three high means high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, Poria cocoa has a good hypoglycemic effect, and Ginkgo biloba has a good hypolipidemic effect.

6, laxative detox: oatmeal, buckwheat, coarse rice, Huaishan, pueraria, black sesame, walnuts mix freely.

Tips: Get up in the morning and drink a cup of warm water, and then eat the above health recipe for breakfast.

In short, the matching of grains and cereals is based on their own needs and scientifically based on the characteristics of the ingredients. It is by no means an arbitrary combination.

People with illnesses are advised to consume suitable cereals under the guidance of a doctor.