[Difference between Pu’er raw tea and cooked tea]_Recommended diet

[Difference between Pu’er raw tea and cooked tea]_Recommended diet

Pu’er tea is divided into raw Pu’er and cooked Pu’er, and there will be some differences in the nutritional effects of the taste. It can be said that there are strengths and weaknesses in raw Pu’er.Less, let’s find out what are the differences between Pu’er raw tea and cooked tea?

Let’s take a look at this.

First of all, it will be different in appearance. Cooked Pu’er tea is often reddish brown or black and has a light fragrance, while raw Pu’er tea is often green or dark green.

The production process will also be different. The cooked Pu’er tea is processed through fermentation, and then passed through screening and classification, and then a variety of loose tea or pressed tea is used. The raw Pu’er tea has not been fermented, but has been screened.Grading, then pressing directly or loose tea.

In terms of the nature of the tea, the nature of the two types of tea is completely different. Cooked Pu’er is a mild tea, while raw Pu’er is a cold tea. After cooked Pu’er comes out, there will be dark red, and some people will mistakeIt is considered to be black tea, and the raw Pu’er is greenish yellow or golden yellow after soaking, which is relatively translucent.

The taste will also be very different. The taste of Sheng Pu’er is more fragrant, with a bit of bitter taste, and has the taste of Sheng Jin Hui Gan. The mouth of cooked Pu’er tea is mellow and soft.

The above briefly understands the difference between Pu’er raw tea and cooked tea. The differences between them are relatively large. Whether it is from tea nature, manufacturing process, appearance and taste, they will be different. In addition, it will also be nutritional.It is different, especially when receiving Pu’er Pu’er, it is necessary to improve attention. For people with poor stomach, try to drink less to avoid causing discomfort.