Thoughts on spiritual yoga

Thoughts on spiritual yoga

More than thirty years ago, the Medical University of Uttarpur, India, has observed yoga.

Experts buried the deep yoga master in the ground, gave him the necessary water, and covered it with mud.

The yogi survived underground for eight days. After coming out, except for his physical weakness, his vital signs were normal.

  What’s even more incredible is that when experts monitored him with an electrocardiogram, he found that his heart was beating more and more slowly, and whether there was a straight line.

But just as the expert was ready to dig the soil to save people, his heart slowly resumed beating.

  Afterwards, the tester said that he was working hard to eliminate misunderstandings, turning himself into a leaf on a tree, and communicating with nature simply.

Mindfulness is the enemy of yogis. The sign of skill is sometimes how you control your thoughts.

  In 1993, an American Indian yoga practitioner, Monkoff Kidd, threw away an oxygen cylinder, crossed the 6,500-meter climbing death line, and ascended the world’s second highest peak, Gorgory Peak.

At an altitude of 6,500 meters, the air was so thin that normal people could not survive, but Munchoff Kidd succeeded.

  At a press conference to submit a Guinness Certificate, Munch Kidd said that I think the biggest obstacle to anaerobic climbing is desire.

Because any small thoughts on the top of the mountain will make you feel that you need more oxygen.